Climate change challenges technology

Is there an issue or area that will not be affected by climate change? Not, judging from media discussion. Something should be done and soon. Developing technology is - along with changing consumption patterns - one of the most imperative measures. So, what is it that pulls and takes technology forward, when consumers desire better technology and better products more quickly, and better efficiencies with smaller costs.

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VTT established the effects of limiting greenhouse gas emissions in Europe and Finland

In Finland the use of coal will diminish – the use of natural gas, bioenergy and wind power will increase

A new report has been published on the impacts of limiting greenhouse gas emissions proposed by the EU on the energy production structure in Europe and Finland. According to the calculations for Europe, limiting EU emissions by 20 per cent until the year 2020 from the 1990 level would focus the measures mainly on the production of electricity. According to VTT’s assessment, the use of coal will start to reduce in Finland regardless of the expected price level of emissions trading after 2010. The use of natural gas will increase. The use of renewable energy, such as wood based fuel and wind power will also strongly increase.

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International Research Speeding Up the Adoption of the Ubiquitous M2M Internet

Machine-to-Machine Communication Increasing

A universally applicable service concept based on M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication is currently being developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland for producing new M2M services. The aim is that M2M Internet and M2M services can be used as easily and smoothly as possible. The project is focusing in particular on the services provided to users from fixed or mobile embedded systems. There is currently a great amount of interest in e.g. location-based services and personal navigation, which will offer consumers services based on their preferences.

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