Climate change challenges technology

Is there an issue or area that will not be affected by climate change? Not, judging from media discussion. Something should be done and soon. Developing technology is - along with changing consumption patterns - one of the most imperative measures. So, what is it that pulls and takes technology forward, when consumers desire better technology and better products more quickly, and better efficiencies with smaller costs.

A new locomotive has appeared in the factory’s railway yard. Climate change requires new kinds of solutions that can be used to adapt to changing conditions. Planning land use in urban areas has to take into account flood risks, and in the planning sewers, heavy rainstorms that are becoming more common. Limitating emissions requires an urban structure, where public transport as well as walking and cycling can be effectively utilised. The external energy required by buildings must be minimised. Local renewable energy must be exploited. 

The world population is increasing and becoming wealthy. Consumption opportunities are increasing. The challenge to limit emissions is huge. However, the solutions also offer tremendous business opportunities.

The old locomotive is also pulling. New technological solutions, nanotechnology, the development of logistics, efficient use of information technology and understanding the needs of customers are needed. The old and the new locomotive are pulling in the same direction.


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