New publications

Bioenergy in Europe. Opportunities and Barriers.
Fagernäs, Leena; Johansson, Allan; Wilen, Car & al.
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 118 p.
VTT Tiedotteita - Research Notes; 2352

Global climate change mitigation scenarios for solid waste management.
Monni, Suvi; Pipatti, Riitta; Lehtilä, Antti; Savolainen, Ilkka;
Syri, Sanna.
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 51 p.
VTT Publications; 603

Thermogravimetric characterisations of biomass and waste for gasification processes.
Moilanen, Antero.
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 103 p. + app. 97 p.
VTT Publications; 607

The Finnish Research Programme on Nuclear Waste Management (KYT) 2002-2005. Final Report.
Rasilainen, Kari (ed.).
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 246 p. + app. 45 p.
VTT Tiedotteita - Research Notes; 2337

Specialised Symposium on Yeasts ISSY25. Systems Biology of Yeasts - from Models to Applications.
Kuokka, Annemari; Penttilä, Merja (eds.). International
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 177 p.
VTT Symposium; 242

Virtual Design. A Framework for the Development of Personal Electronic Products.
Kerttula, Mikko.
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 218 p.
VTT Publications; 615

Simulation-based design process of smart machines.
Lehtonen, Mikko (ed.).
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 184 p.
VTT Tiedotteita - Research Notes; 2349

Direct wafer bonding for MEMS and microelectronics.
Suni, Tommi.
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 89 p. + app. 34 p.
VTT Publications; 609

The 7th International Conference on eXtreme Programming and Agile Processes in Software Engineering. Tutorials, Workshops, Activities, and Keynote Speeches.
Salo, Outi; Abrahamsson, Pekka; Jaring, Päivi (eds.).
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 92 p. + app. 3 p.
VTT Symposium; 241

Quality-driven Software Architecture Model Transformation. Towards automation.
Matinlassi, Mari.
Espoo, VTT, 2006. 101 p. + app. 95 p.
VTT Publications; 608

Marketing publications

VTT Innozone, July 2006
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