Using the new dust test chamber for electronics

Nowadays, electrical and electronic products are placed in demanding conditions, emphasising the need to protect them. Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) has acquired a new dust test chamber for electronics enabling the testing of equipment enclosures up to 2 metres high and 100 kg in weight in normal operating position.

If electronics are placed in demanding operating conditions, they should be manufactured to endure such conditions or need to be protected accordingly. If equipment is placed outside, it should be designed according to temperature, rain, wind, dust and pollution conditions. This is usually reached by sealing the electronics in an enclosure or by preventing contaminants penetrating in the enclosures . The conditions in industrial facilities also set challenges for preventing fine particles, for example. Demanding conditions usually refer to difficult operating preconditions in relation to temperature and moisture, corrosion, vibration or electromagnetic features. Extreme conditions also require protection of electronics from their use condition.

Quick testing – shorter time to market

The new dust test chamber acquired by VTT enables the dust seal verification of whole equipment without separate test structures. This shortens the time to market for electronic products and increases company competitiveness. The testing laboratory owned by VTT is accredited for giving statements on the product enclosure classes.The manufacturers may use to present equipment in difficult conditions.

In addition to evaluating the dust sealing of different products, it is important to test the water tightness of the enclosure. This can be done with VTT’s water testing devices.


Additional information

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