Technology and expertise is a two-way street


Globalisation has created real challenges and possibilities for the business sector and society in general. Productivity and R&D strategies are facing a new revolution, so a new innovation strategy and management of innovative activities will be crucial if companies want to rise to the occasion.

Task distribution between national economies will continue to maintain steady growth. The key issue for success in all companies will be their ability to connect innovations to their R&D strategies in order to support growth and competitiveness.

Globalisation is not a one-way street; goods and services, investments, technology and expertise flow from country to another and vice versa. Finland and Finnish companies will benefit from the growth in global economics by using knowledge-based expertise. For example, digital production and technical and industrial services could offer a new competitive edge for Finnish companies. In addition, Finland has excellent chances of becoming an R&D laboratory for large technology companies.

In this newsletter we present new ways of using technology. Our examples demonstrate how strategies can be transformed into solutions, products and new possibilities.


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