Future intelligent cars escape accidents and traffic jams


Intelligent vehicle safety systems and services that enhance traffic safety will soon be a reality. So-called cooperative driving systems, where cars and traffic management centres communicate with one another will be deployed during the next decade. Thanks to technology innovations, accidents will be almost completely avoidable in the future. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland takes lead in a European field experiment with over 3000 drivers to test the use of personal navigators and smart phones to raise driver situation awareness in promoting safe and sustainable traffic.

Navigators and smart phones enable safer and smoother driving

VTT has been selected to head a significant EUR 15 million European traffic ICT project. The project will research and try out future interactive traffic services that will become part of vehicle systems within approximately five years. So-called cooperative driving, where cars and traffic services communicate with one another, will become reality in the near future. In addition, the project will also investigate how on-line targeted traffic information can improve the safety and smoothness of driving

Volvo and VTT develop a new method for monitoring driver status - The vehicle control system adapts to different driving conditions, enhancing road safety

Volvo and VTT have developed a new method for monitoring driver status, which adapts the vehicle control system according to the driver, vehicle, or traffic status. The method is based on an assessment of the driver's eye direction and behaviour. Both road safety and driver comfort are increased as the method protects the driver from distractions, such as warnings about the level of windscreen washing fluid or in-coming phone calls, when traffic conditions require the driver to be particularly alert and focused. The project also included testing a solution where a mobile phone functions as an integrated part of the vehicle interface. 

VTT and the European car industry are developing a new traffic detection system - Safer intersection driving and more smoothly flowing traffic

VTT is developing a new environment detection system for intersection driving together with the European car industry and research institutes. The aim of the system - based on stereo vision, laser scanning and radar-based techniques - is to considerably reduce accidents occurring in intersection areas and to improve smooth traffic flow. The system will be tested in practice after a couple of years in Germany and Sweden.


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