A new security method for protecting portable mass storage devices from VTT and Envault Corporation

Envaulting puts organisations back in control of their data security

The Finnish Envault Corporation has developed a new security technology in cooperation with VTT. It enables the protection of portable mass storage devices while reducing the security risks involved. With envaulting, the contents of mass storage devices used by a company are protected automatically, without passwords, and put under centralized remote control.

Envaulting is the next evolutionary step in data security since encryption. Envaulting, which is based on the physical distribution of data, removes the human factor from data security by protecting data automatically and without any user interaction.

A new encryption concept

“Encryption and password-protection can be cracked or circumvented when the content is available in its entirety. Envaulting combines reliable security, ease-of-use and centralized management. This new method puts organizations back in control of their security, not the individual user,” says Harri Rautio, Envault's Managing Director.

Missing data fragments are available on the envaulting server

Envaulting combines encryption and the removing of random fragments of information from the files saved on a mass storage device and storing the fragments on a separate envaulting server. Authorized users can can then access the protected data by connecting to the envaulting server, but the data is unreadable to any unauthorized users without access to the fragments. Envaulting is fully automatic and transparent to users, and the removed data is used as the technical password. The envaulted data can be remote-controlled simply by locking the related data fragments on the envaulting server.

Envaulting does not affect performance

The envaulting process randomly removes approximately 1% of the data, rendering the data unreadable to an unauthorized user. Since only a small fraction of the data is transferred online, any impact on performance is negligible.

Enhanced security for USB mass storage devices

Envaulting enables companies to centrally manage for instance memory sticks and external hard drives. Envaulting software that is centrally deployed on computers automatically protects users’ USB-connected mass storage devices. Envault's method enables companies to also monitor the number of devices and their usage as all the stored data and devices used leave an identifying record in the system log.

Several Finnish companies have successfully piloted the envaulting technology, and it is now commercially available.

Envault Corporation Oy helps enterprises and government agencies to stop data leakages by protecting data stored on portable mass storage devices. The envaulting technology developed by the Finnish Envault Corporation and VTT is the next evolutionary step in data security since encryption. Password-free envaulting removes the human factor from data security by protecting data automatically. It enables companies to manage their data through centralized remote control, regardless of the location of their devices. This software-based technology that is independent of any device has several patents pending and it is currently being piloted by several customers. Envault Corporation Oy targets large businesses and Finnish and international ITC and data security providers.


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