Human behaviour defines safety in traffic

Worldwide, over one million people are lost as victims in road traffic annually. Changing drivers is known to be laborious; thus it is sensible to enhance vehicles instead. Technology can help but human behaviour defines safety in traffic

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland together with the industry have striven to build intelligence in vehicles. We have developed sensors and sensor networks to monitor vehicle dynamics, environment around the vehicle, focusing on driver state degradation and distraction monitoring. Technology has also been tuned to understand road friction to better serve vehicle stability systems. When all the intelligent applications are integrated in the same platform, we get a vehicle that is able to see 360 degrees around and communicate with other vehicles, background systems and even talk to the driver. The driver is provided additional intelligence through advanced vehicle systems improving his/her situation awareness and contributing to fewer casualties.

VTT develops sensors for both environment and driver monitoring. We also create communication solutions, develop sensor data fusion, build weather monitoring systems and develop both aftermarket and nomadic devices used in vehicles to serve driver on the move. Together with the industry, VTT and other parties make essential bits of a complex puzzle that will be eventually completed maximazing the safety of vehicles and traffic.


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