European energy policy creates demand for bioenergy innovations

The Finnish EU presidency offered a natural opportunity for promoting the creation of a joint European energy policy. Finland is one of the most technologically advanced countries globally, and the bioenergy potential in proportion to the population is among the highest in the world. The Nordic countries have also set an encouraging example when it comes to energy cooperation. As an example of potential new business concepts, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland proposes that biofuel production could be integrated with production activities in the forestry industry.

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VTT launches gasification test equipment for development of second generation biofuels

Competitive production of transport biofuels

VTT launches gasification equipment designed for the development of second generation transport biofuels. In the process, synthesis gas will be refined from biomass for the production of diesel fuels. The extensive test operation that is about to be launched will produce basic information for the ongoing design of an industrial demonstration plant. In addition to synthesis applications, the work involves the development of new solutions for gas turbine and fuel cell power plants, as well as for the application of hydrogen for transport purposes.

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VTT is developing disposable biofuel cell

Compact and inexpensive power source suits for consumer applications

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is developing printable biofuel cells in which enzymes convert the energy bound in the renewable fuels - sugar, alcohols, etc. - into electricity. An enzyme-based power source is a viable source of electricity for the rapidly proliferating RFID tags used in the medical sector and logistics. Applications include plasters containing a memory circuit and measuring electrode for temperature, and sensors monitoring food quality.

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VTT´s Customer Impact Survey 2006: VTT projects enhance the customers´ business operations

The effectiveness of VTT’s projects and their benefits to the customers are monitored on a regular basis. According to the latest survey the most significant benefits of VTT’s projects to the customer are the increase of basic knowledge and know-how, acceleration and intensifying of R&D, and novel or improved products and services. The customers felt that VTT brings added value to their business operations especially by combining possibilities provided by different technologies in a creative way.

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