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From technology to business faster

VTT and Technopolis Ventures Ltd (TeVe) have developed a common operation model for starting a company. The goal is to create new Finnish growth companies by connecting VTT's technological know-how with TeVe's skills to change ideas into business operations. As a result, we are expecting ambitious new companies with a strong technological basis and skilful entrepreneurs to enter international markets.

VTT hopes to gain momentum from the new operation model, especially when developing the value of the market-oriented innovations it has developed. Technopolis Ventures brings commercial know-how to the co-operation in, for example, the analysis of financing opportunities, the construction of teams and the formulation of sales talk.

The co-operation pays special attention to team construction by ensuring that the technological know-how and commercial skills of entrepreneurship meet as early as possible. One of the long-term goals is to build a functional commercialising process that is based on co-operation between national operators, and to offer an effective route for the most promising technologies in Finland to establish a company and enter international markets.

More information

Tapio Koivu
+358 20 722 6943

Keith Silverang
CEO, Technopolis Ventures Ltd
+358 9 2517 5020