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Improved video streaming for interactive gaming and other video services


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed new methods with which video and audio transferred to the consumer remain good even if the data connection slows down or is temporarily disrupted. Thanks to these methods consumers will receive higher quality video services such as TV, video on demand and gaming services both at home and through mobile terminals. The system also promotes the international competitiveness and product packaging of new services for Finnish service providers and technology companies.

The demand for and supply of high-quality video services transferred through broadband connections is increasing in homes and mobile networks. Improved video and audio quality heightens consumers’ interest in increasingly versatile video services. The usability of interactive video services also improves. In gaming services, for example, the user’s experience improves when the game is played via broadband connection.

VTT has researched methods that recognise changes in broadband speed in different load situations in data communication networks, which helps adapt the transferred video feed to the network status in real time. Thus the consumer will receive the best video available to his/her terminal at all times. In addition, VTT has developed video transfer methods that enable several videos which have been optimised for different terminals and data transfer speeds to be replaced with one video that adapts to different terminals. This video can easily be adapted to changing conditions in data transfer and to suit different terminals.

Transferring video with the highest possible level of technological quality creates a basis for introducing new services based on video feeds. These include video on demand, video conferencing and web security camera applications. Consumers can use the video services with their phones, laptops, palm pilots and PCs or, for instance, with a TV that is linked to a broadband digital box.

New business is expected to be generated for video service providers, Internet service providers and, for instance, mobile operators with technologically high-quality video services offered for home and mobile environment use. Finnish companies that produce video services and video service technology are competing for internationally expanding markets and, for instance, a video game service based on the technology from the Finnish firm G-cluster is widely used in Japan.

Funding for this research and development project was provided by the National Technology Agency (Tekes), EU, VTT, G-cluster and Maxisat Oy.



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Research Scientist
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Research Scientist
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