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Printed intelligence - material for media

Printed intelligence - Presentation of Research Professor Harri Kopola

Research and development activities in printed intelligence 2006 (pdf)

Animations - Bioactive paper

Environmental sensor - Sensor in poster or banner with wireless link

Toxic / bioterror protection - Sensor in newspaper

Drinking water quality sensor - Sensor in water filter

Fungus / moisture sensor - Embedded sensor in construction/wallpaper/curtains


Structures for electronic components can be printed on flexible substrate.

Conductor wires and electrode structures printed on flexible substrate.

The new VTT methods were used to print optical effects on plastic foil by Avantone Oy's DiftoneTM.

Research Professor Harri Kopola, Director of the Center for Printed Intelligence at VTT, shows a roll of gravure printed structures for electronic components and circuits produced by the new VTT methods.