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Enhancing the security of wireless communication systems


New methods for the comprehensive testing of information security in telecommunication systems have been developed under VTT's leadership. The information security testing framework, created utilising the joint expertise of VTT and Finnish companies, is used for testing new and existing wireless and mobile communication systems and their components. These testing methods will also enhance the international competitive edge of the Finnish information security expertise.

VTT and a number of companies specialised in testing and measurement in the software industry have intensified their research and development efforts relating to the information security of communication systems. As a result of the co-operation between research scientists and product developers in companies, operations in the currently fragmented field will be more unified and structured, and the Finnish information security expertise will be able to provide new added value.

Complexity of mobile services increases security threats and vulnerabilities

Ensuring the information security of mobile services is an increasingly tougher challenge, because the increasing complexity of communication services, networks and equipment makes them all the more vulnerable. Information security solutions are needed for providing protection against both malfunctions and intentionally attempted malpractice.

Threats and vulnerabilities systematically identified

The project directed by VTT has developed systematic approaches and methods for using the information security testing tools. Comprehensive testing reveals the potential security vulnerabilities in services and systems that an attacker could exploit. New testing methods will also make it possible to further specify the security requirements for contemporary communication systems.

A comprehensive approach

VTT's approach to information security is comprehensive and holistic. Research and development activities combine the specialised competencies of experts from different industries to enable a national focus on information security analysis and solutions. Complex products, services and communication networks present a security challenge due to the fact that information security has previously been developed mainly for closed networks. The security risks are further increased by intense market competition and demanding schedules, and the growth of ICT technology in industrial automation, for example, imposes new challenges on information security.

The development project for information security testing is funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes), Codenomicon Oy, NetHawk Oy, Nixu Oy, Nokia Corporation and VTT. The project is currently researching and developing methods to improve the security of wireless networks used for delivering a variety of services.



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Security Research Coordinator
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