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VTT established a joint venture together with Italian Kiian and Itaca Nova


Identification of original products becomes easier

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the two Italian companies have established a joint venture, Nicanti Oy, to commercialise a new product identification solution. It is based on electrical code technology developed by VTT and ink technology developed by the printing ink manufacturer Kiian and the nanotechnology developer Itaca Nova. The first applications of Nicanti electrical code technology products will be in product authentication. The technology is based on printed, invisible, electrical coding that enables original product authentication in a cost-effective way.

The joint venture company, Nicanti Oy, is based in Finland. The company’s majority owner is Kiian and minority owners are VTT, Itaca Nova and the company’s management.

“The solution that will be commercialised by Nicanti is an extension to the RFID technology development done at VTT. Compared to RFID product identification, the new solution is more cost-effective,” says Research Professor Heikki Seppä from VTT.

“VTT has already for several years invested in researching and developing printed smart and printed electronics technologies. VTT’s Center for Printed Intelligence combines IT, electronics and printing technologies with the aim to promote commercialisation of new research results and products. The field of printed smart technologies enables many new application possibilities and Nicanti’s new kind of smart product is an example of a solution suitable for mass production for global markets,” says Research Professor Harri Kopola, Director of the Center for Printed Intelligence at VTT.

”Itaca Nova is actively involved in nanotechnology field through its research and development resources and partnerships. Our current projects are focused on exploiting their potential for the Nicanti products,” says Alfredo Spreafico, Managing Director of Itaca Nova.

“Kiian inks and related products cover screen printing, digital, flexo- and gravure applications for graphics, industrial and textile markets all over the world. Our investment in Nicanti shows our commitment to the advanced security markets,” says Harutiun Manoukian, President and CEO of Kiian.

“Kiian has been working on intelligent inks and related printing applications since many years. We believe that our technology will bring innovative materials to Nicanti solutions for product and brand authentication,” says Franco Fattorini, Deputy Chairman of Kiian.

Kiian, a fast growing Italian industrial enterprise, is one of the leading international inks group. Kiian inks and related products cover screen printing, digital, flexo- and gravure applications. Main markets are graphics, industrial and textile segments all over the world.

Itaca Nova is a young Italian R&D company mainly focused in nanotechnology, polymer technology and green chemistry fields.



More information

Tapio Koivu
Executive Vice President, VTT’s Ventures
tel. +358 20 722 6943

Harri Kopola
Research Professor
tel. + 358 20 722 2369

Kari-Matti Varanki
Managing Director, Nicanti Oy
tel. +358 40 020 2007

Alfredo Spreafico
Managing Director, Itaca Nova
tel. +39 348 3108226

Harutiun Manoukian
President and CEO, Kiian
tel. +39 031 9090130

Franco Fattorini
Deputy Chairman, Kiian
tel. +39 031 9090130