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ExpeShare partners develop technology for capturing and sharing experiences



European research partners in Finland, France, Spain and Italy have started a project, ExpeShare, that develops concepts and technologies for capturing and sharing experiences securely, legally and in a simple way.

You are having the time of your life: skiing, visiting a picturesque village or attending an interesting conference or concert. It’s so great that you would like your friends to know how it feels. Not to mention you’d like to relive it later. How to convey this experience to others? Why is it so difficult to capture the moment and pass it on for others to enjoy?

The challenge of the ExpeShare project (2007 – 2009) is to make sharing of the experience easy and secure, right where and when it happens. Therefore novel concepts and networking technologies will be created in the project to facilitate sharing of information between mobile devices such as mobile phones, MP3s, DVD players, memory sticks and digital cameras. The project goes beyond web-based sharing of digital multimedia content such as pictures, videos, music and games. It will achieve its goals by innovative mobile peer-to-peer networking solutions, multimedia content and community management facilities as well as interaction solutions that utilise a variety of devices.

Experience is a complex phenomenon that goes beyond the picture or video clip that can easily be captured. The project will attempt to define this concept of experience and develop intuitive tools for capturing, managing, sharing and replaying experiences. Selecting the peer(s) or community with whom to share is another issue requiring innovative interactive solutions.

Peer-to-peer networks suffer from an image of illegality. They are, however, efficient means for distributing information. The ExpeShape project will take the peer-to-peer networking paradigm to the mobile world, while also suggesting ways to secure the legality of the exchanged content. Special attention will be given to the management of content rights and understanding the associated value chains.

The project will set up real-world pilots to evaluate the developed concepts. The pilot environments may be e.g. tourist areas, sports centres, public spaces and events or professional meetings.

The ExpeShare project, coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, involves 22 partners from four European countries together contributing an effort of more than 150 man years spread over two years. The project is currently in its starting phase, and is due to end in June 2009. The project resorts under the Eureka ITEA programme.

The following companies and research organisations take part in the ExpeShare project: Brieftec, CBT, CCRTV, CityPassenger, Engineering, Gemalto, GET-INT, Innovalia, INRIA, Kutalab, Movial, Nextel, Nokia, NXP Semiconductors, Software Quality Systems, Telefonica I+D, Transatel, University of Evry, University of Oulu, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, University of Rome - La Sapienza and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.





More information

Johan Plomp
Project Leader
+358 20 722 2305