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Acknowledgement for Finnish boat expertise


VTT draws up workboat approval regulations for the German Navy

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland will deliver the Federal Office for Defense Material and Procurement (Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung) approval regulations for work boats under 15 metres in size for the purposes of the German Forces. The work will be based on the same Nordic Boat Standard (NBS-Y) and workboat regulations that VTT has developed for the Finnish Maritime Administration. 

The objective of the order is to draw up clear regulations in a single file which can be used by the German Forces in future boat acquisitions. This assignment demonstrates remarkable recognition of VTT’s expertise in the boat industry.

The new regulations will be completed in July 2009. The extent of the project is 1.5 man years.The regulations will also consider the specific needs of the German Navy. For example, the weight of soldiers and divers using equipment exceeds the standard weight of an average person. The boats must be compatible with the features of the German Navy boats. 

VTT was selected as the implementer of the work because of its extensive and varied experience in boat technology. VTT has been involved in the drawing up of ISO standards and, as a result, knows the background of these standards well.

The Nordic Boat Standard and workboat regulations for the Finnish Maritime Administration define a boat’s structural and operational safety, system installations and emission control.



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