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VTT opens office and expands its activities in South Korea


VTT brings its printed intelligent expertise into Asian markets

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland expands its activities in Asia by opening an office in Seoul, South Korea on June 4. The office is established to further strengthen VTT’s ongoing collaboration with top universities, businesses and research institutions in Korea. VTT brings especially its printed intelligent expertise into the Asian markets. VTT has also active collaboration in China, Singapore and Japan.

The CEO at VTT Korea affiliation Markus Sihvonen highlights the necessity of being present in Korea to enable flexible collaboration and establishing new business deals. ’’We have already cooperation agreements with top universities like Konkuk and Korean University. We have also signed contracts with large-scale industries as well as Korean research institutions. Collaboration and signing of new contracts is much easier when we are present in Korea,’’ says Sihvonen.

VTT has also developed together with A*STAR Agency for Science, Technology and Research from Singapore remote healthcare services that allow patients to be treated globally independent of time and location and irrespective of the solutions provided by hardware and data system suppliers.

VTT has recently signed a license agreement with a Chinese company Shanxi Fenxi heavy Industry Ltd. The license agreement is based on a VTT technology called precision spray forming (PSF), which repairs train wheels. It is a globally protected technology. VTT has been active in its Shanghai office since 2005.

VTT is also one of the founders of FinNode innovation centers through which it has access to Japanese markets. FinNode is also active in Silicon Valley, California as well as in St Petersburg, Russia. VTT is also currently leading a development cooperation project that aims at development of energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources in Vietnam. 

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