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Spin-off companies

PlexPress Oy, Medisapiens Oy, Envault Oy and KeepLoop Oy are examples of companies whose operations are based on IPR owned by VTT.

PlexPress is specialised in the cell-based analysis of gene expression. If offers its customers the extremely accurate gene analysis tool developed by VTT, Transcription Analysis with Affinity Capture (TRAC).  


Medisapiens Oy is the world’s first software company offering products that can be used in oncology departments for the optimisation of cancer treatment for individual patients and the development of new cancer medication personalised for a individual patients.

  Envault Oy helps companies and the public administration to secure secret files. It offers new kinds of information security products, allowing companies to manage their databases in a centralised manner from any portable mass memory device.

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