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From war reparation ships to nanomaterials

Vessels as war reparations

Finnish shipyards delivered over 500 different vessels to the Soviet Union as war reparations. A majority of the vessels were manufactured using a new welding method, which kept the welding technology department of VTT’s metal technical laboratory busy. In the 1970s, especially the shipbuilding industry gained benefits from VTT’s corrosion research.  


Nuclear power plants

The construction and operation of the first nuclear power plants also required information on material endurance under high pressure and temperature. ulation of the actual corrosive conditions in nuclear power plants.




In modern materials research, new possibilities are opened by, for example, nanotechnology, which VTT has utilised in coating manufacturing, etc. The sol-gel coatings developed by VTT improve the functional characteristics of various surfaces, making them dirt-repellent, easy to clean, resistant to corrosion and oxidation, scratch-proof and wear-resistant.

Nanotechnical coatings have increased the functionality and efficiency of lift surfaces, combustion boilers and filtration solutions for professional kitchens.  

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