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Future well-being through technological innovation

VTT develops bio and chemical technologies that can be used to make added value products from renewable natural resources.

It is now possible to use plant cells to make biomass that can be turned into fuel, food or pharmaceutical products.



VTT’s cooperation with other European research organisations has brought about significant advances in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Early diagnosis and new treatments reduce patients’ suffering and lower the costs incurred by society.  

VTT and the University of Turku have engaged in pioneering cancer research in the fields of diagnostics and the development of new treatments and drugs.

VTT has developed unique methods for studying cancer cells that can be used to find new treatments for prostate cancer, for example.  

VTT has long been searching for ways to prevent diabetes.

For example, VTT has identified specific bacteria that precede autoimmune Type 1 diabetes.  


VTT has developed an optical accessory that turns an ordinary camera phone into a high-resolution microscope.

A new Finnish enterprise called KeepLoop Oy and VTT are already exploring the commercial potential of the invention. The first industrial applications and consumer models will be released in early 2012.  


VTT has studied the potential of using microtechnology in fundus photography and brain surgery.

VTT’s technology can be used to make retinal cameras. The cameras can be used to screen for various illnesses such as diabetes.  


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