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The history of VTT

Since its establishment 70 years ago, VTT has become an important centre of technological expertise and developer of new technologies. The development path of Finland as a whole as well as the events and phenomena of each era are reflected in VTT’s history. It reveals one of the keys to VTT’s success: the organisation has always be able to meet challenges by adapting to changes in its environment.  



VTT in seven decades

1940s: President Ryti signs the Act on the Technical Research Centre of Finland.

1950s: The post-war era

1960s: VTT becomes Finland’s biggest research institute

1970s: Reorganised research centre moves to Otaniemi

1980s: Research programmes serving the needs of industry

1990s: Electronics and information technology research as the engine of development

2000s: Business from technology


  • Karl-Erik Michelsen, The State, Technology, Research - VTT and the Development of the National Research System, Espoo 1993 (in Finnish).
  • VTT Annual Reports and Reviews


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