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Our success is based on the extensive knowledge of our people. VTT employs presently over 3,100 experts who work to create technology for business and society,  

Our customers and co-operation partners trust and appreciate the work of our people. Our staff earned high marks in the VTT customer survey in 2011. Over half of our foreign customers graded our experts excellent. 91 % of our Finnish customers graded our staff good or excellent.  

Get to know some of our experts and their work. In 2012, 70 of our experts will tell us about their work and what’s best in it, as well as of their most memorable moment at VTT.  

December 2012

Caj Södergård, Research Professor

October 2012

Anna-Marja Aura, Senior Scientist
Miina Pihlajaniemi, Coordinator, Procurement
Pirkka Tukeva, Key Account Manager, Team Leader

September 2012

Wade Karlsen, Senior Scientist, Team Leader
Sampo Soimakallio, Senior Scientist, Team Leader
Sanna Tuominen, Manager, Marketing

May 2012

Paula Kauppinen, Specialist
Timo Miiluniemi, Coordinator
Kai Perikangas, Specialist
Howard Rupprecht, Vice President

April 2012

Petteri Alahuhta, Technology Manager
Erika Holt, Senior Scientist
Milla Immonen, Senior Scientist
Jukka-Pekka Laulajainen, Senior Scientist, Team Manager

March 2012

Jarkko Antila, Senior Scientist, Team Leader
Kai-Erik Elers, Key Account Manager
Esa Kurkela, Manager, Gasification development, Team Leader
Olavi Nevalainen, Senior Specialist, Team Manager, VTT Expert Services Ltd
Tekla Tammelin, Senior Scientist

February 2012

Jenni Eckhardt, Research Scientist
Tuulia Hyötyläinen, Principal Scientist, Team Leader
Samad Abdul (Sami) Kazi, Senior Principal Scientist
Seija Koppinen, Senior Specialist
Hanna Koskela, Senior Scientist
Elina Laatikainen, Research Scientist
Tuula Mäkinen, Technology Manager
Jaana Nurmi, Assistant, Customer Service

January 2012

Eija Alakangas, Principal Scientist
Mikko Arvas, Senior Scientist
Johanna Ivaska, Principal Scientist, Team Leader
Jussi Jäntti, Principal Scientist, Team Leader
Jaana Korhonen, Senior Research Technician
Erkki KM Leppävuori, President & CEO
Matti Nieminen, Key Account Manager
Juhani Sibakov, Research Scientist
Andrey Sirotkin, Research Scientist
Kyösti Valta, Senior Scientist 

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