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Mobile WiMAX research network at VTT


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is to open a new mobile WiMAX test bed at its Converging Networks Laboratory in Finland. The network, which will provide companies with application and network equipment testing, will be one of the first mobile WiMAX networks in Europe. For consumers, the mobile WiMAX technology will be available in about a year. It will provide its users with mobility, the use of versatile terminals, improved coverage and quick simultaneous transfer of speech and data.

Mobile WiMAX technology (IEEE 802.16e) offers more efficient technology for wireless broadband connections. It represents the next WiMAX development stage beyond the fixed WiMAX (IEEE 802.16d) version that is currently available in many countries including Finland. The new WiMAX technology will improve coverage and performance by using multiple antenna technology (MIMO) and mobility. Mobile WiMAX includes mechanisms required for the quality of service (QoS) that enable the prioritisation of data traffic and the reservation of network resources for VoIP and other real time services.

Compared to WLAN, the advantages of mobile WiMAX include a greater coverage area and seamless connections between networks. It also competes with the HSPA technologies of cellular networks as a provider of fast broadband connections. Along with LTE technology, mobile WiMAX is predicted to be used widely in portable computers and mobile phones, as well as in the broadband connections of cars.

Companies can access VTT’s network in order to test and assess their technology. VTT’s mobile WiMAX research will be focused on measuring the performance of services, testing companies’ products, improving the transfer of multimedia and creating prototypes for new services. VTT’s test network operates at 3.5 GHz frequency, consisting of WiMAX base stations and network equipment as well as WiMAX cards for portable computers.

VTT’s Converging Networks Laboratory acts as a testing and research facility, including mobile WiMAX, a separate 3G/HSPDA network, a fixed WiMAX network and WLAN networks. In addition, the facility includes mobile and content services, such as IPTV, video streaming, a game service and testing tools belonging to VTT and other companies. The Converging Networks Laboratory enables new technological prototypes for services, networks and terminals, performance measurements for networks and services and product testing across networks.

WiMAX stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access.

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