The scientific reports and safety and security review 2009

We have moved from the original stand-alone safe and protected home to the interconnected, open and global world. Globalisation entails free circulation of goods, resources, energy, people and knowledge. This new situation has changed the basic nature of safety and security – from control of losses and protection to something more active and even at times offensive. Achieving an acceptable level of safety and security in the modern society requires also a new approach in research and development.

This publication is a collection of extended abstracts of the current safety and security research at VTT. The targeted readership is the international research community, but we trust the information is of value also to the industry and other stakeholders. Only the public research is included, i.e. proprietary contract work to industry or policy makers has not specifically been discussed.

We hope this collection of current information provides you a good overview of VTT’s safety and security research and the kinds of competences available for serving our customers and for working together with researchers from other organisations.

Download file: Scientific activities in safety and security 2009