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VTT speeds up drug development with more advanced microarray technology
RNA interference technology, which is used in cell biology, has revolutionised functional research of the gene products in the last ten years. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a method which allows a single microchip to be used to screen the functions of tens of thousands of genes simultaneously by means of RNA interference. Traditional methods only allow a few hundred genes to be screened with each microplate, and therefore the new method will accelerate VTT’s service offering in the field of drug development. >>
 VTT creates a concept for ecological city planning in the St Petersburg area
EcoGrad, a concept for ecologically efficient city planning tailored to St Petersburg conditions, is ready to be applied in practice. Partners are being sought who are capable of implementing the pilot project. >>
 Europe has potential for increasing forest chip and agrobiomass use by 50 percent
Current use of bioenergy exploits less than half the bioenergy potential of the 24 EU Member States studied. The greatest potential for increase is in forest chips and agrobiomass. >>
 Significant breakthrough in intelligent transport development
The Vedia concept allows the use of several interactive location based information services on the same terminal device, whether a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device. >>
 Print products only account for approximately 1% of the climate impacts of consumption by households
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland recently published a study on the carbon footprint and other environmental impacts of newspapers, magazines, photo books, books, and advertising leaflets. >>
 Improving energy efficiency is revolutionizing building in Finland
Moisture damage risks of zero-energy buildings can be avoided, if design and construction quality is ensured. >>
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 Registrate to SB11 Helsinki World Sustainable Building Conference
The registration is now open and information about the fees can be found on the website. >>
 Forest industry creates new innovations
See examples >>
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