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President and CEO Erkki KM Leppävuori, VTT: "Finland should create a national bioeconomy strategy as soon as possible!"
We must react to the sudden structural changes taking place in the Finnish IT sector and in traditional forestry industry. For Finland to succeed new business and service ecosystems must be developed. Bioeconomy has the prerequisites for becoming a successful example of this for Finnish business life. This will, however, require a functioning collaboration network and our own bioeconomy strategy. >>
 VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland takes emission measurement knowhow to India
VTT has started a project focusing on the development of emission measurement in India. Reliable measurement has a key role in identifying and reducing emissions. >>
 First industrial scale foam forming research environment for forest sector
Foam forming technology gives exciting opportunities to develop new recyclable and light weight wood fiber products. It also gives a possibility to decrease raw material and production costs remarkably compared to recent technology. >>
 VTT boosts industrial leveraging of Vietnam’s solid biomass fuel resources
Vietnam has substantial biomass resources, which currently are mainly used by households and small businesses. The purpose of the project is to develop multi-fuel delivery chains for power plants and industrial boilers. >>
 Transparent plastic-like packing material from birch fibril pulp
VTT Technical Research Centre and Aalto University have developed a method which for the first time enables manufacturing of a wood-based and plastic-like material in large scale. The method enables industrial scale roll-to-roll production of nanofibrillated cellulose film, which is suitable for e.g. food packaging to protect products from spoilage. >>
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 PrintoCent - World’s first pilot factory for printed intelligence industrialisation opens at VTT in Oulu, Finland
Besides ground-breaking technological advancements, PrintoCent offers a unique business and manufacturing environment for companies to manufacture components, products and solutions based on printed intelligence technologies. The PrintoCent Pilot Factory reduces the commercial and technical risks before fully commercial operation commences. Hence, the creation of this tailor-made environment is suitable for companies of all sizes. >>
 Green VTT - Value from sustainability
VTT, as a future-oriented multitechnological research organization, is the perfect innovation partner for companies targeting the green growth market. Our wide-ranging green technology offering is at your disposal. Let’s turn it into your business opportunity. Ask us how. >>
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