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03 | 2010
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 Science - effectiveness - potential of technology
European POLARIC project is revolutionising production of organic electronic circuits
A new EU-funded project POLARIC was launched in January 2010 to develop roll-to-roll printing of high-performance organic electronic circuits. The project will revolutionise the way printed electronic circuits are made by combining large-area fabrication methods with high-performance organic electronic circuits on a scale not previously attempted.
Kemira Oyj and VTT to Establish a Center of Water Efficiency Excellence to Finland
Kemira Oyj and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland will establish a Center of Water Efficiency Excellence to Finland. The total cost of the research, which will be performed at the center, is estimated at 120 Million euros, including external funding. The investments will be allocated into 4 years, resulting further investment activities in projects for piloting and demonstrating purposes. There will be 200 persons working at the center annually.
New technology to enhance logistics and to speed up freight traffic between Russia and Finland
VTT has been studying freight traffic between Russia and Finland. The results indicate that the improvement of freight traffic requires the development of logistics information processes and an increased degree of automation. The introduction of RFID remote identifier systems would benefit the entire supply chain, customers, and also the work of authorities at the border between the two countries. Development will require cooperation and agreement on the use of various different standards and applications.
Finland can act as an international example in commercializing environmental technology
Finland can offer significant new environmental technologies and innovations to the rest of the world. VTT has investigated barriers and opportunities related to the commercialization of environmental technology and developed models for assessing the environmental and market potential of innovations. Water technology was used as an example in the research on environmental technologies. The results can be applied to other environmental technologies as well.
  Business from technology - applications
VTT has developed a fully recyclable coating for food & pharmaceuticals
VTT has developed an environmentally-friendly packaging coating solution. Especially suitable for food and pharmaceutical packaging, the coating offers a new method for manufacturing fully recyclable, thin, light and air-tight packaging materials. The ALD thin coating considerably reduces the need for aluminium in packaging solutions.
Lactic bacteria fermentation for reducing the need for additives
The use of additives in bread can be reduced significantly with a new method developed by VTT. At the same time, the taste and lightness of wheat bread made using sourdough, and keeping it soft without chemical additives, can be greatly improved. The method is based on lactic bacteria, which produce hydrocolloids during the sourdough fermentation and which are useful in terms of baking technology. VTT identified the useful lactic bacteria in a survey in which over 100 cereal and food-based microbes were screened. Corresponding safe microbes, i.e. starters, are used in making yoghurt and sour whole milk, for instance.
Scientific cooperation shows potential of bioprocessing for improving exploitabiliy of wheat bran
A combination of enzymes and fermentation modifies bran structure and changes the bioavailability of the bioactive compound, according to new studies forming part of the European Union's large-scale HEALTHGRAIN project. Bioprocessing of bran has potential for making it a better ingredient for use in manufacturing nutritionally boosted cereal foods with high sensory quality.
New products from forest biorefineries
VTT is the coordinator of a large EU project called AFORE, which is developing new technologies for the separation, fractionation and primary upgrading of wood-based polymers and valuable low molecular weight compounds to be used by the wood processing mills of today and the future wood biorefineries.
Augmented Reality (AR) brings Dibidogs alive in 3D
Aller Media Oy used technology developed by VTT in the end of March in its TV magazines. Readers who have a webcam and a PC, suitable for 3D game graphics, can bring the animated Dibidog alive and transform it to a 3D character. Created by Finnish and Chinese children, Dibidogs are animated puppies. VTT is developing a technology called Augmented Reality (AR) which superimposes digital information in the user’s view of the real world. Apart from printed media, other application areas of the technology include interior design, construction and virtual video meetings.
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