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Next generation allergy vaccines to be developed in Finland to create effective and safe desensitation therapies
VTT holds patents on gene technology which can be applied to alter the structure of an allergen, i.e. a protein causing allergy, so that it will cause less allergic symptoms than the original allergen, while remaining effective in desensitisation therapy. >>
 Siemens and VTT begin cooperation to improve the information security of industry
VTT carries out the analysis independently, utilising the systems knowledge of Siemens experts when necessary. The analysis comprises an extensive study of the level of information security at a production facility; for example user management, backup copying and network security. >>
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 Breakthroughs in brain research
By combining different technologies, VTT makes it possible to diagnose brain diseases earlier. >>
 New business from promising touch panel technology
VTT based spinoff TactoTek utilizes Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR) technique combined with novel and cost effective printed electronics manufacturing methods to develop and manufacture touch panels for mainstream applications. >>
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