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07 | 2009
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 Science - impact - potential of technology
Open, modular terminal architecture NoTA creates huge business opportunities
NoTA (Network on Terminal Architecture) is taking its first steps into commercial exploitation. The community, business models and practices are getting a concrete shape. The technology is also evolving outside its original use in mobile devices into embedded and ubiquitous systems, creating huge business opportunities. NoTA eases also the adoption of 3rd party technology innovations.
 Business from technology - applications
Researchers from IBM, Nokia and VTT bring avatars and people together for virtual meetings in physical spaces
With support from IBM (NYSE:IBM) Research and Nokia Research Center, the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland created an experimental system that enables people in multiple locations to interact and collaborate with avatars and objects in a single, virtual meeting. Objects and avatars are located in a "virtual" space that mirrors the corresponding physical room.
  Topical at VTT
VTT transferring to a Group structure from the beginning of 2010
VTT is actively reforming its structure and operations to be better able to increase its customers' competitiveness and to help them prosper in domestic and international markets. Set for adoption at the beginning of 2010, VTT's new structure - VTT Group - is formed of the parent organisation and three subsidiaries and several affiliated companies participating in technology transfer. VTT Group will increase the exploitability and impact of VTT's scientific results. The new structure will also improve VTT's ability to produce efficient and flexible services for its customers and partners.
  Other topical
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