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08 | 2009
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 Science - effectiveness - potential of technology
How to integrate wind power smoothly to power systems
Some countries already get a substantial share of their electricity consumption from wind power: Denmark 20%, Spain and Portugal 11%, Ireland 9%, and Germany 7%. Power systems have to cope with variable electricity consumption. Variable wind power will increase variations that the power system has to manage. According to a recent IEA WIND report, wind energy is rather smoothly integrated as system operators get on-line production levels and forecasted production estimates in their control rooms.
 Business from technology - applications
Together, VTT and Hosokawa-Alpine AG create more economic fractionation processes for cereals
For several years, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has actively developed fractionation processes for grains, berries and plants with the aim of producing various fibre fractions and fractions with high protein or high bioactive compound content. To be able to develop processes at industrial scale, VTT has signed a co-operation agreement with the German equipment manufacturer Hosokawa-Alpine AG. Together with the manufacturer, VTT can offer food companies a large-scale fractionation process and more detailed data to support their process cost calculations and investment plans.
  Topical at VTT
Next generation energy technology
Future climate policy will act as a significant driving force for the energy technology market. Climate change mitigation will require a transition to a low-emission energy system. On the one hand, this will result in costs for the whole economy, but on the other hand, it will create an enormous market for renewable energy technologies and energy-saving solutions. VTT supports planning and decision-making for example by producing scenarios for the effects of limiting emissions, as well as by developing new energy technology, such as new solutions improving the realiability of wind power plants.
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