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ForestTech newsletter 4/2011


Handheld sensors potential as performance indicators
Process measurement and diagnostics are being increasingly used in papermaking. Measurements and analysis need to be quick and if possible, automatic. The efficiency of paper production process can be significantly increased by focusing on right measurable parameters in the process. VTT has researched the feasibility of applying new online instrumentation technology on short time diagnostic. Novel measurement techniques include measurement of halogen, ammonium and dissolved oxygen content.
European printing industry needs a rapid renewal
The growth of digital media and the resulting decline in print runs, together with rising raw material costs and increased pressure from Asian competitors have put European printers in a tight spot. A VTT study on the current state of the industry and its future challenges shows that these companies need urgent actions in order to remain competitive.  
Award winning results about coating and inkjet inks interactions
On the 1st of March 2011, the Kempe award was given to the research team of Taina Lamminmäki, John Kettle, Pasi Puukko and Patrick Gane (Department of Forest Products Technology, School of Chemical Technolog, Aalto University) concerning the research in the area of the coating layer effects on high-speed inkjet prints. The prize was given at the ROND 2011 meeting at the Digital Printing Center of Mid-Sweden University. This work started at the end of 2007 targeting the doctoral thesis of Taina Lamminmäki.
Improving the up-time and speed of paper machines
Most of web breaks in paper machines occur for wet web. Not only excessive straining and high tension break the web, but also too low a tension can be fatal. With slack web the aerodynamic forces and excessive adhesion lead to web breaks. Laboratory and pilot scale tests have been carried out to examine the factors affecting the runnability.
FARMES 2011 - club of augmented reality
VTT invites companies interested in the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology in combination with print products and packages to join the FARMES club.
Technology introduced for making printed board batteries
VTT is working with printed power sources, which are based on biological, enzymatic catalysts and renewable, harmless,organic fuels like glucose. The aim is to utilise these low-cost, disposable power sources e.g. in various medical and cosmetic applications as well as in RFID tags  
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