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ForestTech newsletter 5/2011


Follow the demonstration of industrial feasibility of a biorefinery concept
BIOCORE, a FP7 European project which begun in March 2010, is a 4 year program that aims to demonstrate the industrial feasibility of a biorefinery concept. The BIOCORE concept describes the use of several types of lignocellulosic biomass (cereal by-products, forestry products and short rotation woody crops) for the production of a wide spectrum of products including 2nd generation biofuel, chemical intermediates, polymers and other added value materials.
VTT's biorefinery competencies are presented at ABTCP Pulp and Paper fair in São Paulo
Welcome to meet VTT experts at the booth 216/240, Hallway 4. Our specialists will present demos of new and exciting bio-packaging solutions and tell you more about VTT and our pulp & paper biorefinery solutions. ABTCP 2011 event will be held in Transamerica expo center in São Paulo, Brazil from 3 to 5 of October.  
Decreasing Moisture Sensitivity of Biobased Food Packaging Materials
Barrier properties of biobased films can be retained even in high humidity conditions. Crosslinking was found to be an efficient tool for decreasing moisture sensitivity of biobased nanocomposite films. Moisture sensitivity decreased as a result of crosslinking which led to improved water vapor and oxygen barrier properties. These type of novel materials can be utilized as coatings e.g. for fiber based food packaging.  
New product segment with substantial business potential uncovered
A new printed media product with substantial business potential was developed, demonstrated and tested by VTT and Vectia in a project funded by the Finnish Forestcluster Ltd. The product is called "Community publishing" meaning that it is a printed product that a community of almost any kind can create for themselves or for their interest groups.
Quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring (QCM-D) for interfacial studies
Sophisticated, effective and reliable methods are needed to systematically investigate interfacial phenomenon present e.g. in thin films, foams, emulsions, dispersions and aerogels. VTT has acquired a quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring, QCM-D instrument, which measure mass changes due to e.g. adsorption and desorption in nanoscale. In addition, information about structural behaviour and viscoelastic properties of materials can be achieved.
New bench-scale high consistency bioreactor improves research facilities in biomass refining
VTT and Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH have together designed a new type of small bioreactor for use in high consistency biomass treatments in Otaniemi Biotechnology pilot hall. It provides the possibility to process biomass in very high consistency allowing the development and optimization of several different types of processes in the field of biomass refining.
Biostruct-project - recent advances
Biostruct project has some interesting advances made in the last 8 months. Lenzing and VTT have continuously improved the flow properties and dispersability of the fibres in various matrix resins. This progress was mainly achieved by improving milling conditions and applying new surface coatings to regenerated cellulose fibres, and by making a detailed study of the influence of different refining and fractionisations of natural cellulose fibres.  
Recent publications from VTT's forest industry area
Just in case, if some of our earlier publications were missed by or you would like to find them more easily, we made a listing of them, see them by clicking read more. If your own library service does not provide the article, please contact authors to find out more.  
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