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Print Media Future Outlook
Print Power and VTT are carrying out a study on how European consumers from 13 countries perceive print advertising. The objective of the study is to better understand the role of print products in the lives of Europeans. First results of the study from Finland, Norway and the UK were presented at Drupa in May.
Download Fibre Value Webinar 2012 materials
All materials of Fibre Value 2012 seminar on 17.04.2012 are now available. We offer you the PDF's and recordings of the webinar. The webinar recording can be seen from here.
Decreasing the energy consumption of grinding
The energy efficiency of grinding can be increased by a novel grinding stone design. The new design comprises two zones: a pre-fatiguing zone and a shearing zone. Pre-fatiguing of wood was found to be a mean to reduce the energy consumption of grinding. Energy saving potential is up to 30%. Ari Salmi from VTT studied this in his doctoral thesis work.
Fractionation of Nanocellulose by Foam Filter
A novel fractionation method for nanocellulose using foam as a filter was invented in a project by VTT. Narrow channels (plateaus) between bubbles prevent the flow of coarse particles along the water, so that foam acts like a filter.
Curtain coated samples effectively with small chemical amounts
In curtain coating a liquid coating colour curtain falls freely before impinging onto a moving paper web. Multiple coating layers can be coated simultaneously. VTT’s curtain stability tester, CurCo, is meant for testing runnability and stability of coating colours prior to pilot trials. CurCo offers an opportunity to test new materials and to determine the chemical compatibility of different coating layers in small scale. It is also possible to assemble this curtain coating unit into VTT’s Sutco pilot coating line in order to produce coated paper samples.
Kraft fibres are good reinforcement for fibre composites
A study shows that normal kraft pulp fibres can offer high reinforcement capability and good mechanical properties for WPCs (wood plastic composites). The mechanical anchoring of kraft fibres to PA and PP matrixes was studied and the effects of refining and fractionation techniques were tested. It was found that mechanical treatments are not necessary when the softwood kraft pulp fibres are used in wood plastic composite applications.
Utilize Research for the benefit of SMEs - financing instrument with VTT - the last call is just opening.
EC has promoted innovation in European communities and industries through Framework Programme 7 (FP7; 2007 - 2013). The last calls of this FP7 will be open in July 2012. In Capacities programme ("Research for the benefit of SMEs") SMEs are the direct beneficiaries, outsourcing most of the R&D to RTOs like VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland, and receive in return the technological know-how they need to develop new or improve existing products, systems, processes or services.
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Upcoming events:
VTT's process chemistry pilots have an open house 2.-3.10.2012
VTT organises its customers 2-3.10. an open house event to present process industry's piloting possibilities, facilities and staff. Equipment suppliers are also present to give more details about the process machinery and devices. For Thursday 4.10. you can book trial time to test your own material.
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