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ForestTech newsletter 6/2011


Printing the future - VTT webinars presented the prospects
In November 2011 VTT webcasted two webinars on the future prospects of printing industry value chain in Europe. It included three different roadmaps to renew and secure the printing business. You can watch the recorded webinars via the following links.
Join to INT-Testaa pilot trial – Focus on high filler content SC-paper
VTT offers its papermaking research environment for small and medium sized companies (SMEs) to develop papermaking processes potentially together with research institutes and large-sized enterprises (TESTAA-concept). Next trial week will be at week 03/2012 and the trial topic is on high filler content papers and their dewatering strategies.
A new type of filler-nanocellulose composite substrate for printed electronics applications
Printed electronics is a rapidly developing market with high estimated potential. Low cost flexible applications with high volume are needed. Replacement of oil-based plastic substrates is possible. The possibility to adjust relevant surface and structural properties exist. The findings were presented at 2011 TAPPI International Conference on nanotechnology for Renewable materials.  
VTT's presentations at ABTCP Pulp and Paper fair now available
VTT met latin American customers and cooperation partners at ABTCP 2011 event in São Paulo, Brazil from 3 to 5 of October. At VTT's stand we presented demos of new and exciting bio-packaging solutions and discussed pulp & paper biorefinery solutions.
SUNPAP Workshop 2011 - First results and main challenges
SUNPAP project is moving into the demonstration phase. VTT coordinates this large EU- scale project aiming for scaling up nano fibrillated cellulose based novel applications in paper and board value chain. The research done in cooperation with several research partners has shown great potential to produce cellulose nano fibrils from commercial chemical pulps.  
Consolidation and Dewatering Mechanisms in Papermaking
Consolidation and dewatering are central mechanisms of web forming. We have developed laboratory device called VIHTORI to study these mechanisms and even largest fine particles can be observed. See some of the results from the following presentation, where image analysis gives the information of consolidation / dewatering time, as well as local profiles such as particle distribution or flow velocity field.  
Thin nanoparticle layers applied on the paper by foam coating technique
Foam coating in paper industry has not yet gained solid ground, though it is a well-known technique in the textile, non-woven industry and in plastic film production. In paper and packaging applications foam coating can be used in e.g. creating new functional surfaces and barriers. Adapting the technology to fit for the needs set by the end product in question and raw materials in use can be done at VTT based on the years of experience.
Nano fibrillated cellulose as a strength additive in filler-rich SC paper
Use of nano fibrillated cellulose (NFC) was studied to maintain critical paper properties, especially wet and dry strength of high filler-content SC paper. NFC is needed, since there are some challenges, like strength loss, when filler content increases disrupting fiber-fibre bonding. Significant energy savings potential was also found in this work for high filler SC-papers. The findings were presented at 2011 TAPPI International Conference on nanotechnology for Renewable materials.
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