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Welcome to our new newsletter – Optical Solutions. This newsletter is addressed to those people who are interested in measurement technologies and would like to know what we are doing in this field at VTT. The newsletter will be published 3-4 times per year. We provide interesting news about our ongoing research and relevant business cases. The newsletter is an easy way to follow research highlights and also to get more information about novel technologies that are being developed at VTT. We try to emphasize news about the most recent achievements, where we or some of our customers have created new business based on optical sensing technologies. So if you feel that this information is relevant to you, please stay on board.

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VTT’s Fabry-Perot technology creates new products

VTT has received funding of €2 million for a new international project called Fabry. The kick-off meeting was held in Espoo on August 31st with representatives from the funding agency Tekes, VTT, and eight industrial partners. The aim of this project is to develop VTT’s tunable optical filter technology (Fabry-Perot interferometers) for spectroscopic applications. Several demonstration instruments will be made in the project to prove the applicability of VTT’s technologies in the fields specified by the partners. In addition, another goal for the project is to create a new Finnish and international business. >>
 VTT's proposal for a MEMS-based IR-spectrometer was chosen in Ocean Optics' new innovation program

Jarkko Antila's proposal of a novel MEMS-based IR-spectrometer was evaluated as best in the first phase of the Ocean Optics Blue Ocean Grant call. The aim of Antila's project is to develop a very small IR-spectrometer that can be used in large-scale applications, such as gas analysis in industry. >>
FocalSpec commercializes fast and accurate surface measurement technology

FocalSpec, VTT’s spin-off, has delivered two measurement sensor systems to Outokumpu Stainless Steel. FocalSpec has introduced their new SQM 1200 sensor system, which provides simultaneous non-contact gloss and surface micro-topography measurements. >>
 Finnish research organisation VTT combines mobile phone technology and microscopy
A pocket-size microscope accessory developed by Finnish scientists will be accurate to one hundredth of a millimetre.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the leading multi-technological applied research organisation in Northern Europe, has developed an optical accessory that turns an ordinary camera phone into a high-resolution microscope. The device is accurate to one hundredth of a millimetre. Among those who will benefit from the device are the printing industry, consumers, the security business, and even health care professionals. A new Finnish enterprise called KeepLoop Oy and VTT are already exploring the commercial potential of the invention. The first industrial applications and consumer models are already released. >>

 Pentti Karioja, new research professor of photonics solutions, sees a lot of applications for embedded photonics

Pentti Karioja has been nominated as a new research professor in photonic solutions. Karioja has had a long career in industry and at VTT in the field of photonics and integrated optics, including fiber-optic data communication and sensors, integrated optics, wavelength tunable lasers, photonics integration, and mass-producible nanophotonics. Karioja joined VTT in 1985. >>

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