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Business from technology

VTT is a front-runner in the world of technology and an integral part of Finland’s innovation system, spearheading research and innovation that enhance the international competitiveness of its customers and society as a whole. VTT works with customers and partners to identify emerging technologies and create new products, processes, services, and business opportunities based on new technological solutions and business concepts.

VTT’s operations cover the entire innovation chain, and the synergies that exist between its expertise in a range of different research fields represent a valuable competitive advantage for its customers, helping them manage future trends and challenges and create a solid basis for their strategies.

Strong strategic research is very important in underpinning the development of new business and skills and making the most of emerging technologies. VTT’s product and service development capabilities can play a decisive role in enabling customers to move from existing technology and business to new product and service concepts and new business models.

VTT’s IPR and licensing services offer rapid solutions for opening up new business opportunities. Extensive assessment, testing, inspection, and certification services ensure that new products, systems, and services comply with all relevant regulations and other requirements.

According to the latest customer survey, 58% of the respondents had commercially utilised the results of their VTT project or expect to do so within the next three years. Nearly a fifth reported that a whole new technology was adopted.


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