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From President & CEO
Erkki KM Leppävuori
Martti Mäenpää, Chairman of
VTT’s Board

Our research work covers a full spectrum of technologies, from nanomaterials and ICT to technology in the community. Services span the entire innovation process, from technology foresight and strategic technology development to the creation of new and improved products, services, and processes – all the way to the commercialisation of new solutions and business concepts.

VTT’s research vision is underpinned by two megatrends: sustainable development and digitalisation. Building on this vision and the research it generates, we work with customers to identify emerging technologies, create new ones, leverage innovation potential, push applications development ahead, and expand their competence base. Involving customers and research partners in the innovation process at an early stage ensures that they can really benefit from cutting-edge research as it develops.

According to the latest customer survey, 58% of the respondents had commercially utilised the results of their VTT project or expect to do so within the next three years. Nearly a fifth reported that a whole new technology was adopted.




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