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Rotating kitchen filter for professional kitchens
VTT and Jeven Oy have created a new type of filter solution for professional kitchens, practically eliminating the need to clean the fat removal filter. A rotating separation plate makes the separation of particles more efficient, significantly enhancing the filter’s ability to do its job compared to current technology.

The product is based on a rotating filter patented by VTT. The efficiency of the filter is due to the fact that the separation plate itself rotates rapidly. This separates even the smallest of lipid bodies, throwing them at a high speed into the outer section of the separation chamber, from where fat and other impurities drip to a collection pan. Running fat can easily be emptied by opening a drain cock. The cleaned air exits to ducts.

Since the filter is partially self-cleaning, washing and servicing is rarely required. The rotating separation plate has been treated with a dirt-and-fat-repellent coating based on nanotechnology to ensure that the filter functions perfectly throughout its maintenance cycle. Cleaning the filter is also very easy as the parts can be washed in a dishwasher.

The filter solution is particularly well suited for energy-efficient kitchens that utilise heat recovery and variable air flow because the filter is able to separate particles even at low levels of air flow.

The filter significantly improves the fat-removal efficiency of local exhausts in professional kitchens. What makes the structure of the filter different is the forming of a sealing flow, which prevents the short-circuit flows that are problematic in some currently available products.

Industry-scale tests demonstrated sol-gel coating in production on the coating line of Linjateräs Oy, and the Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) method was tested by Beneq Oy with the products of Stala Oy.

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