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Sustainable and responsibility

At VTT, we take the principles of sustainable development into consideration in both our service operations and our internal operations. We are developing our reporting in line with GRI G3 guidelines.

Of the various focal points in VTT’s strategic research portfolio, “Low-carbon technologies in energy” and “Industrial resource efficiency” most clearly direct VTT’s research towards sustainable development. VTT’s spearhead programme “Green solutions for water and waste,” and six of our innovation programmes which tackle environmental challenges in the energy sector are key instruments when it comes to implementing our chosen strategy. VTT’s research is also more strongly encouraging the emergence of businesses that exploit sustainable development. We thereby respond to challenges in the energy, environmental and security sectors; promote employment, well-being and the everyday experience of people; and support public decision-making.

Environmental matters

VTT has been recognised as a Green Office since 2009. The standards apply to every one of VTT’s offices across Finland. VTT’s Green Office metrics are electricity consumption, domestic flights and paper consumption.

VTT operates at more than forty addresses. Total electricity consumption amounted to 40.2 GWh. This figure includes electricity consumed by both premises and research activity. Electricity consumption grew by 2 GWh in comparison to the previous year.

Domestic flights have decreased by 90,000 flight miles from the previous year. Flights amounted to a total of 23.3 million flight miles, generating 3,600 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Increased use of electronic meeting technology decreased the number of domestic flight tickets purchased by 7.3%. The aim was also to reduce work trips by personnel carried out in their own cars. A decrease of almost 10% was achieved in the number of driven kilometres compensated as work trips. Transport has shifted over to VTT cars, rental cars and the train.

Consumption of paper has stayed at a very low level for the third year in a row, with the amount of paper bought at 6 reams/person. Printing volumes have remained at the previous year’s level, despite a proportional increase in colour printing.

Responsibility for our own personnel

The results of the 2010 personnel survey are in line with those of the previous year. The index depicting overall satisfaction came in at 3.3 (the response rate was 77.7%). At the supervisory level, work volumes, personal energy levels and managing with work were still seen as problematic, even if at other levels work strain has been slightly alleviated.

The frequency of accidents, as calculated using the method of the Zero Accidents forum, remained at 3 per million work hours. Also the gravity of accidents was less than ever before, with 8 days of sick leave per single accident causing sick leave that occurred in the workplace. In terms of the frequency of accidents, we are in the “world-class company” category, whereas the gravity of the accidents places us in the “moving towards the global elite” category.

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