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Tekniikantie 4 A, Espoo
P.O. Box 1000, FI-02044 VTT, Finland
Tel. +358 20 722 111, fax +358 20 722 7001

Business Solutions
Jouko Suokas, Executive Vice President

Vice Presidents:
Biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industries: Hannu Lampola
Chemical industry and environment:Tuomas Mustonen
Electronics: Juha Palve
Energy: Rauno Rintamaa
Forest industry: Timo Pekkarinen
ICT: Seija Sihvonen
Machine, vehicle and metal industries: Tuomo Niskanen
Real estate and construction: Harri Airaksinen
Services and logistics: Harri Airaksinen

Research and development
Kari Larjava, Executive Vice President

Vice Presidents:
Bio and Process Technology: Anu Kaukovirta-Norja
Energy and Pulp&Paper: Satu Helynen
ICT: Jussi Paakkari
Industrial Systems: Risto Kuivanen
Materials and Built Environment: Eva Häkkä-Rönnholm
Microtechnologies and Sensors: Arto Maaninen

Strategic research
Anne-Christine Ritschkoff, Executive Vice President

Vice Presidents:
Applied Materials: Erja Turunen
Bio- and Chemical Processes: Johanna Buchert
Energy: Kai Sipilä
Industrial Systems Management: Rauno Heinonen
Information and Communication Technologies: Tatu Koljonen
Microtechnologies and Electronics: Harri Kopola
Services and the Built Environment: Matti Kokkala
Business Development: Petri Kalliokoski, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development

Group Services
Olli Ernvall, Senior VP, Communications
Timo Nurminiemi, Senior VP, Finance
Seppo Viinikainen, Executive VP, Group Services
Riitta Tolvanen, Senior VP, Human Resources
Markus Ekman, Senior VP, Information Management
Jukka Forsström, Senior VP, Internal Audit
Matti Karhunen, Senior VP, Legal and Governance

VTT companies
VTT Expert Services Ltd, Laura Apilo, CEO
VTT Ventures Ltd, Antti Sinisalo, CEO
VTT International Ltd, Petri Kalliokoski, CEO
VTT Memsfab Ltd, Hannu Kattelus, CEO

VTT’s offices in Finland: Espoo, Oulu, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Rajamäki, Turku, Kuopio, Lappeenranta, Kajaani and Raahe. VTT also has regional representatives promoting VTT’s contacts with businesses in their areas.
VTT’s offices abroad: Berkeley and Washington (USA), Shanghai (China), Tokyo (Japan), St. Petersburg (Russia), Seoul (South Korea), Brussels (Belgium) and São Paulo (Brazil).

VTT Review as well as other printed information material can be ordered from:
VTT/Communications, Liisa Linnama
Tel. +358 20 722 6849,

Olli Ernvall, Senior Vice President
Tel. +358 20 722 6747,

VTT produces research services that enhance the international competitiveness of companies, society and other customers at the most important stages of their innovation process, and thereby creates the prerequisites for grow

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