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Impact of VTT’s projects
  • 91% of the respondents to VTT’s customer survey reported that their knowledge base and expertise had improved.
  • 74% had already commercially utilised the results of their VTT project or expect to do so within the next three years – 28% said that it wasn’t even their goal.
  • 67% believed that a VTT project had speeded up or otherwise improved research and development work.
  • 66% confirmed that new products, services or processes were created.
  • 55% thought that a VTT project had promoted networking.
  • 55% believed that a VTT project had contributed positively towards the opening up of new business opportunities.
  • 49% reported that their competitiveness had improved.
  • 48% said that a VTT project had promoted their marketing.
  • 28% reported that a totally new technology was adopted.
  • 17% said that a new business concept or a new earnings model was created.

Taloustutkimus Oy, VTT customer survey, 2011 

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