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    From President & CEO
    Erkki KM Leppävuori
    Martti Mäenpää, Chairman of
    VTT’s Board
     VTT Review 2011  
    VTT’s services range from forecasting future technological and business developments through strategic technology development, solutions development and testing to the commercialisation of solutions and concepts. By taking advantage of extensive collaboration networks, participating actively in EU projects and including customers in development work from the early stages we ensure transfer of new technologies into practical solutions.

    Watch the video: VTT- Technology for business and society 2012

    VTT’s activities are guided by two megatrends: sustainable development and the digitalisation of information. Grand global challenges, such as climate change and an ageing population, push VTT’s research towards areas in which research-based solutions have the potential for substantial impact. Bioeconomy and services related to wellbeing are examples of focus areas in which we are creating new competencies and – on the basis of these – new improved products, services and business models. With the help of the new solutions we enhance our customers’ competitiveness and foster society’s sustainable development, employment, and wellbeing.

    We help to identify emerging technologies and find new solutions and business opportunities by exploiting our multidisciplinary expertise. According to our customer survey 2011, 74% of all respondents had already utilised the results of their VTT project commercially, or expect to do so within the next three years. As a result of a VTT project, 28% of respondents had introduced a totally new technology.






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