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D-MINT - Model-Based Testing Seminar

1.1.2010 0:00 - 1.1.2010 0:00  


The seminar focuses on the D-MINT model-based testing technologies and tools which have been developed by the partners and realized in a domestic case study. D-MINT (Deployment of Model-Based Technologies to Industrial Testing - is an ITEA-2 project, based on a consortium of 27 partners from industry and research based in 5 European countries. The project investigates how existing concepts and techniques in the area of Model-Based Development can be adapted and applied in industrial settings to improve the effectiveness of the testing process in the areaS of embedded and distributed software systems.

Please register for the seminar before the 17th of May, by e-mail to Sari Mäläskä at containing your name and company.

The seminar is free of charge including the material and the refreshments.

For questions about the contents of the seminar, please contact (tel. +358 40 768 2644 )
or (tel. +358 20 722 2131).

Invitation and Program