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EcoWater - Sustainability and Efficiency with Smart Water Usage

1.1.2013 0:00 - 1.1.2013 0:00  


You may have heard of the water footprint. And you probably know what this term refers to. Yes, that’s right – the question, thinking of the big picture, is one of saving the world. In the meantime, however, water consumption has more immediate impacts. The competitiveness and profitability of industry increases through smarter water usage – together with environmental status.

If you want to hear more, welcome to VTT’s webinar Sustainability and Efficiency with Smart Water Usage. In this two-hour webinar we will tell you about the trends and recent developments in water footprint, risk management and water monitoring. You will also hear how to apply and benefit from the findings in water-intensive industries.

The opening speech in the webinar will be given by Finland’s Minister of the Environment, Ville Niinistö. The presentations that follow are by VTT specialists and the guest speaker from the industry, Minna Tolonen of UPM. The specialists will be available to answer your questions online after the presentations.

To join the webinar online via an internet connection, register here. Recording is now awailable in the same link.
You can pre-register for the webinar at any time. By pre-registering you can check the web connection and webinar compatibility in advance.
The webinar is free of charge. You need only to register to attend and follow the programme on your own screen. Please feel free to forward this invitation to anyone else who may be interested in attending.

We warmly welcome you to participate in the webinar!

Tuomas Mustonen
Vice President, Chemical industry and environment


13.00  Welcome, Tuomas Mustonen, Vice President, Chemical industry and environment, VTT
13.05  Opening, Ville Niinistö, Minister of the Environment
13.20  Water footprint: what, why and how?Elina Saarivuori, Research Scientist, VTT
13.40  Challenges when reducing water usage in industrial processes,
Jani Kiuru, Key Account Manager, VTT
14.00  Water and risk management, Liisa Poussa, Research Scientist, VTT
14.20  UPM‘s steps towards sustainable water management, Minna Tolonen,Senior Specialist, Environmental Intelligence, UPM
14.40 Wrapping the solution – eco-efficiency, carbon footprint, water footprint
Helena Wessman, Senior Scientist and Ari Jussila, Research Scientist, VTT
15.00 Discussion online
15.15 Closing the webinar


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