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Workshop on "Engineering lignin properties for applications"

23.8.2018 9:00 - 24.8.2018 16:00 Aalto University, Kemistintie 1, Lecture Hall 2, Espoo

​This is the first workshop and dissemination activity in project "High-Value Products from Lignin" LiFT. Invited speakers will share their expertise in lignin’s fundamental and applied aspects.

Researchers, educators, students, industry personnel and anyone interested in "Engineering lignin properties for applications" are most welcome to join a lively discussion.

Workshop Program

August 23rd, 9:00 to 12:00 - Lignin Basics

​Chemical structure and characterisation​Mikhail Balakshin(Aalto University)
​Linear or Branched? Ewellyn Capanema(RISE)
​Approaches for lignin-based polymers​Mats Johansson (KTH)
​Fractionation and chemical modification​Anna-Stiina Jääskeläinen (VTT)
​Lignin polysaccharide networks​Gunnar Henriksson (KTH)


14:00 to 17:00 - Lignin Colloids, Properties and Films

​Interfacial properties​Orlando Rojas (Aalto University)
​Colloidal particle synthesis​Luiz Greca (Aalto University)
​Nano-scale structuring with lignin​Blaise Tardy (Aalto University)
​Films and coatings​Anna Abbadessa (KTH)
​Films characterization techniques​Sonja Päärnilä (VTT)


August 24th, 8:30 to 12:00 - Lignin Applications

​Conversion of lignin into valuable bioproducts​Tiina Liitiä (VTT)
​Lignin PF resins​Tainise Lourençon (VTT / Aalto University)
​Filament spinning​Ling Wang (Aalto University)
​Carbon fibres​Michael Hummel (Aalto University)
​Adsorbents​Miroslav Nikolic (Aarhus University)
​Decomposition of lignin by low-temperature plasma​Martin Østberg (Haldor Topsoe)
​Final remarks​Petri Vasara (Pöyry)


13:00 to 16:00 - Visit to VTT Bioruukki




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