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Food & Beyond launch event

10.3.2020 12:30 - 10.3.2020 17:00 Innopoli 1, Tekniikantie 12, Espoo

Welcome to our Food & Beyond launch event. With this happening we will continue our shared journey to see the better futures and to create new possibilities together. We want to share the visions and hear about alternative paths. We want to share the national strategies and to go beyond. Our common target is also to share the means to seize the futures, and evaluate where we are with related capabilities. Welcome to see, to sense and to share the futures of food.

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12.30 Coffee and registration
13.00 How we can shape future together with ecosystematic WOW, Mirva Lampinen Co-Creation Manager
13.45 National food research strategy, Nesli Sözer, Research Professor, VTT
14.00 Break
14.15 Futures thinking boosting innovation, Minna Koskelo, Futures Designer, Helsinki 11
15.45 What´s happening next?
16.00 Networking & bubbles
17.00 Closing the doors

Looking forward to see you at the event!

Mirva Lampinen
Co-Creation Manager
Food Solutions