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Industrial Symbiosis - competitive edge from material efficiency

1.1.2013 0:00 - 1.1.2013 0:00  


Resource efficient industry paves the way to progress

Resource efficiency will be the corner stone of competitiveness in all industries. Materials and energy need to be saved, recycled and reused to a much greater extent than they are today. We are looking forward to cost efficiency, new competitive edge and cleaner production.

VTT is hosting together with Sitra (Finnish Innovation Fund) a webinar on industrial material efficiency. In the current economic turmoil it is increasingly important for the industry to wake up and see the potential in a symbiotic approach to material use. In particular, the webinar hosts discussion on the re-processing of waste and embedded valuables to viable raw materials for industry and the related economic and technological hurdles.
During the webinar, global and national companies and research organisations will give their views and experiences on this highly topical theme.

To join the webinar online via an internet connection, register here.
The webinar is free of charge. You need only to register to attend and follow the programme on your own screen. Please feel free to forward this invitation to anyone else who may be interested in attending.

Let’s develop a better world!

We warmly welcome you to participate in the webinar!

Mona Arnold, Programme Manager - GWW
Principal Scientist, VTT

Programme: Click to presentations, abstracts and CVs (pdf)

Opening: Global trends / Olli Salmi, Research Professor, VTT
- abstract
- presentation
International industrial insight: Design for Recycling applied to LED-lamps / Ruud Balkenende, Principal Scientist, Philips Research Laboratories, Europe
- abstract
- presentation
International industrial insight: Green Solutions for Municipal Waste – The Decentralized Ways/ Wang Jing-Yuan, Associate Professor, Nanjing Technology University, Singapore
- presentation
Matching and partnering companies for win-win industrial symbiosis concepts / Jyri Arponen, Senior Lead, Business Development, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
- presentation

VTT Technological insights:
Recycling of minerals / Mona Arnold, Programme Manager, Green Solutions for Water and Waste, VTT
- abstract
- presentation
Waste to biorefinery / Jussi Manninen, Principal Scientist, VTT
- abstract
- presentation
Case Helsinki Region:From Landfill into Industrial Park / Jukka Salmela, Operating Manager, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY)
- abstract
- presentation

Panel discussion
Moderator: Tuomas Mustonen, Vice President, Chemical industry and Environment, VTT

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