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New drivers for industrial renewal

15.11.2016 12:30 - 15.11.2016 16:15 VTT (Mikes building), Tekniikantie 1, Espoo (Otaniemi)

The global economy is under rapid change. In order to compete in this environment, Danish and Finnish companies need the capabilities to be able to adapt to and capitalize on changing conditions. This workshop brings together policymakers, researchers and other stakeholders to gain insight and exchange ideas about strategies for innovation for renewing manufacturing industries in Finland and Denmark. 

Objective: What can be learned from innovation policy practices in Denmark and Finland?

There is no fee for the workshop, but registration is required. Please register here


​12.30Welcome for coffee

Torsti Loikkanen, Principal Scientist, VTT


​Structural and policy differences between Denmark and Finland
Innomitta II research team


​Innovation policy for industrial renewal in Finland, case digitalization
Olli Ventä, Senior Principal Scientist, VTT

​14.10-14.30​Innovation policy for industrial renewal in Denmark
Carter Bloch, Professor, Aarhus University
​14.30-14.40​Coffee break
​14.40-16.00​Policy oriented group discussion:

Innovation policy as a driver for industrial renewal in Denmark and Finland?

​16.00-16.15​Recapping the day and summarizing