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Presentations of the Sports Analytics Seminar 15.6.2016

15.6.2016 8:30 - 15.6.2016 16:00 Tehnopolis Innopoli 2, Edison, Espoo

Thank you for participating the event!

Please find the presentations below.


Welcome and opening - Petteri Alahuhta, VTT

Keynote - Heikki Norta, Chief Digital Officer, President Connected Devices and Digital Services, Amer Sports Corporation

Wearables for sport

Optical heart rate monitoring - uses and pitfalls, Ilkka Korhonen, CTO, PulseOn

Biophysiological monitoring of positive stress management among athletes, Harri Lindholm, MD, PhD, Medical Specialist, Nokia Technologies, Digital Health Lab

Wearables in sport, Jussi Virkkala, Innovation Catalyst, Suunto

VTT Wearables, Ralf Liedert, Key Account Manager, VTT

Performance analysis I

Taidon oppiminen ja teknologia, Sami Kalaja, Director, KIHU-Research Institute for Olympic Sports

Effective strength training with Mpower muscle activation monitor, Juha Lampela, CEO, Fibrux

Advanced performance and recovery analytics from the heartbeat, Tero Myllymäki, Head of physiology, FirstBeat Technologies

Performance analysis II

Cross-country ski analysis with SKIIOT, Marko Höynälä, CEO, Exiops

Wearables and mobile apps change running world, Tommi Ojala, Founder and CEO, Runteq

Uintisovelluksen toteutus yhteistyöverkostossa, Riku Rimpelä, CEO, Trainesense

Sport data and services

Decision-making of coaching, Mikko Koskela, CEO, Coach4Pro Oy

K-Lab, Ari Saarikoski, Olympic Training Center Kuortane

VTT Sports Analytics, Jani Mäntyjärvi, Principal Scientist, VTT