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Testing Solutions for 4G Radio Access Technologies -seminar

1.1.2010 0:00 - 1.1.2010 0:00  


Ensuring the quality and correctness of complex system such 3G Long Term Evolution LTE sets major challenges for the effi ciency of the testing activities. Testing is needed to be carried out in multiple phases from early phase unit testing towards system and acceptance testing of overall system, each phase typically needing different set of test tools, scripts and environments. As the implementation of a particular unit (e.g., protocol layer) is often also dependent on other units that may not be available during early phase testing, a great amount of environment simulations are also needed to facilitate the testing. In addition, with development of embedded system such LTE base station, the target hardware may not be available in early phase testing, requiring execution of tests in simulated target environment.

The seminar focuses on results of the CrossNet project, which is a crosslayer network support function and optimization research and development project for evolving broadband wireless access standards. The goal is to connect the existing physical layer simulation and hardware emulation models to the high layer network emulators and testers. This provides opportunities for network testing equipment development and network protocol crosslayer optimization in practical networks and products.


Please register for the seminar before the 16th of June, by e-mail to Sari Mäläskä at containing your name and company.

The seminar is free of charge including the material and the refreshments.